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It's not magic. It is simple, deliberate, and insightful. At ACRBC, our 3D Performance Plan helps you discover opportunity you may or may not know is there, design a plan of action, and deliver your organization to the desired state. Whether you're navigating change due to growth or even some unforeseen challenges, you're thinking of launching a new line of business or program, or you're just feeling stagnant, uninspired and frustrated, we can help. 

Don't worry, the process won't make you cross your eyes...cross our hearts (here's your hint for the graphic above! Do you see it yet?)


Our 3D Performance Plan looks like:

1D: Discover

Through an initial analysis of as much data as we have access to, we identify the foundational elements of the business you want to become, or the project you want to launch, and we uncover unseen opportunities and obstacles, and find areas for improvement and even reasons to celebrate. If you're an existing business that is flat out struggling, we dig deeper to discover the individual factors, habits, and decisions that have contributed to your current state. This is all put into a Discovery Report for you. Even if we stop here, the report is yours.

2D: Design

Best case scenario, we move on to the Design phase together. During this phase, armed with the information in the Discovery Report, we develop a gap analysis and design a strategy for moving from your current state of performance to your desired state (cue singing choir of angels). If you're looking to launch a new project, this is where we Design the new project. This comprehensive Design includes a realistic budget, clear understanding of human and financial resources available AND needed, workflow plan and timelines, and a dashboard of metrics/indicators for success that will guide the process, allow refinement, and help you stay on track. This Design is yours, you'll have earned it. If we do move forward together, ACRBC can partner with you on the Delivery of this master plan.

3D: Deliver

This is when we take over. We organize team members, get focused and take action. We roll-out the Design strategies to stakeholders according to the workflow plan, timelines and budgets. As the process unfolds, we come together regularly to reflect on progress, refine as needed and reengage until you achieve your desired outcome. ACRBC can see you through to the end or until the time comes when you say, "I got this." Ultimately it's our mission to "teach a man to fish." We are there for you as long as you need us and can step back when the time comes for you to cast your own rod!


"How long will this take?" you ask. Short answer is that it depends on the client and on the scope of work, resources available and the stakeholder and market adaptability. We have completed some 3D Performance Plans in a few months, and others in a few years. No matter the duration, it's always an agreement between you and ACRBC, and it can be modified as we go on. We won't overstay our welcome. Typically, the results from this process deliver a financial return-to-cost of greater than 200% for our clients.


(almost) Free preliminary assessment – In exchange for a little time over a cup of coffee, a partner at ACRBC will meet with you to talk about challenges, opportunities, resources, and desires, which form the basis of our proposal. 

Customized solutions  Proposals show the cost to perform each section of the assessment as well as estimated time-frame and can be tailored to fit your needs, time, and budget. 


Confidentiality assured – We will sign a non-disclosure agreement to only share your financial information with approved parties.

Flexible payment options – We've been known to get extremely creative with our contracts. Ask the question even if you think you already know the answer.

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