Interim Executive Leadership, CFO Guidance, and Project Management for your nonprofit or small business.


Stunts performed by a trained stuntman. Don't attempt on your own.

We've said it once and we'll say it again, "running lean" and "running efficiently" are not necessarily the same things. At ACRBC, we've seen time and again how cutting back or "running lean," by not hiring a paid Director can really hurt your organization and prevent it from operating at its highest. That's because what you're cutting or missing out on altogether are the critical management skills that come along with leadership positions. Similarly, rolling out a new product or service, or just navigating change, can be exciting, but without the right project manager, it can also be a disaster. See if any of these apply:

Have you experienced sudden leadership turnover? 

Are cash flow issues prohibiting you from hiring a full-time Executive Director?

Are you an ED or owner lacking a strong finance/business management partner (CFO/COO)? 

Do you wish you could roll-out a new product, program or service but don't have the manpower/expertise?

Are you wanting to institute a big organization-wide change but are unsure how? 

If you answered yes to any of these, an Executive Stuntman is what you need. 

At ACRBC we have over 30 years of combined expertise in business and finance planning, executive non-profit leadership, development/grant-writing, and program management to provide you with superior guidance through transition and BE the leadership your organization needs to get to the next level. We aren't looking to be your leader long-term. We will do what it takes to fulfill the immediate need (up to 12 months), strengthen your organization, get your new program running efficiently, and then help you hire the right people long-term.

We've done it many times and we can do it for you too. 


Some additional common business indicators that you may need an executive stuntman can include:

  • Diminishing cash flow
  • Increasing expenses relative to income
  • Loss of major revenue source (client or donor)
  • Flat or declining sales
  • Decreasing level of customer service and engagement
  • Steady decline in gross profit margin
  • Key employee turnover
  • Rapid growth and new business opportunities