Do You Run a Nonprofit...Business?

 "Nonprofit organizations do not fail because of the service they offer. They fail because they don't have administrative capacities." - Former NY Secretary of State Lorraine Cortes-Vazquez

Look, we've worked with non-profits for years. We've been employees, executives, board and committee members, and consultants. We see it too often: agencies getting off the ground or operating for years without applying the sound business principles and financial management expected of profit-based entities.

Unfortunately, tens of thousands of nonprofits fail every year. Most provide worthwhile, admirable, and needed services. And their communities love them. It seems like a slam dunk, yet many find it's a struggle to make ends meet. They are chronically operating in survival mode. As a result, executives and boards experience burnout, staff is overworked and tired, there is little room for creativity and experimentation, and everyone's holding her breath, waiting for the next donation check to arrive. 

But it doesn't have to be this way. We can show you how to run your non-profit like any great business.

ACRBC's Nonprofit Business Solutions:

  • Strategic Planning and Retreat Facilitation

  • Grant writing/management

  • Fundraising/development planning

  • Event facilitation

  • Finance Training for staff and board

  • Marketing and public relations


Ready to explore how we can help lessen the burden and find you opportunities for efficiency and revenue? 

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