Diverse Clients.

Consistent Outcomes.

 Some of our public client projects and outcomes:

The Yelm Cooperative, Yelm WA

The Yelm Food Co-op was opened by a dedicated group of community members. Under-funded from the start, it had been running on razor-thin margins for 3 years. Though continuously defying the odds, membership growth was stagnant, with a diminishing brand, high manager turnover, and a tired and frustrated board. Their accountant told them they could not afford to add support staff let alone compensate higher than $15 an hour for a store manager. We told them differently.

Following an initial meeting with members of the board and gaining access to the historical financial statements, it was clear that there was tremendous potential with the right strategy. A 14-month contractual partnership followed by a 10-month volunteer commitment to serve on the board of directors ensured that this organization would find its rhythm, purpose, and success. We provided an Executive Stuntman, 3D Performance Analysis, and Team Profit strategies to help them accomplish their goals and get to the next level.

What we accomplished together

  • Increased annualized sales by over 75% and membership by over 100% in 14 months.

  • Invested in "people power," moving from 1 paid (and rundown) employee to 3 full-time equivalents, and increasing store manager compensation by 20%.

  • Increased annualized net income from $6,000 to $32,000 in the first 12 months.

  • Negotiated supplier contract terms and established consistent partnerships with Yelm-area farmers.

  • Expanded the volunteers base from 18 to 30 working members in less than 12 months.

  • Positioned the store to move to a retail space twice as large and conduct a nation-wide search to hire its very first highly-qualified General Manager at a competitive, market-rate wage within 20 months.

  • Presented to the voting membership a restructured multi-channel "Yelm Cooperative" organization, designed to make a broader impact on the local food movement by expanding to include Yelm's first Farmer's Market and community educational garden.

The Phoenix Rising School, Rainier WA

The Phoenix Rising School saw the need to provide an affordable, secular, independent school option to the rural communities of Yelm, Rainier, and Tenino. Blessed with a generous founder who covered 90% of the first year expenses, the board knew they needed to establish a sustainable school model for the long term. In collaboration with the board and founder, we developed a 5 year plan to reduce the reliance on the founder by an aggressive $100,000 annually. We built and implemented the school's first operational budget and designed a comprehensive business strategy with 4 objectives:  

  1. Reduce the funding reliance on the founder

  2. Establish a strong monthly giving program to provide greater community investment and consistent monthly cash flow

  3. Make the school affordable without the need for family financial aid (unheard of!)

  4. Develop a solid, innovative and marketable educational framework

36 months later the school was stronger than ever - with its first 60+ student enrollment year, over 400 active donors, community partnerships with Yelm Middle School and Rainier School District, as well as support from the Rainier Lion's Club and Yelm Chamber of Commerce and over 40 active volunteers. Over 4 years, ACRBC served as Team Profit and Executive Stuntman for the Phoenix Rising School.

What we accomplished together

  • Reviewed 18 months of bank statements to serve as the basis for school's first strategic annual budget resulting in savings the following year of $65,000.

  • Completed the paperwork for and facilitated the receipt of the 501(c)3 designation and WA state private school approval.

  • Moved the school through the second stage of a rigorous four-stage accreditation process with the Northwest Association of Independent Schools.

  • Successfully reduced the reliance on a single major donor by $100,000 annually.

  • Established a Monthly Giving program with over 200 donors giving an average of $25/month, and a total donor base of more than 400.

  • Doubled the school's donated annual revenue during the contract period to account for almost 40% of the total revenue for the school by the end of the contract (most private schools get 25% from donors).

  • Increased new student enrollment by an average of 20% annually adding 35 new students over 36 months to an original student count of 45.

  • Designed and executed the business plans to expand resources for student programs by about 50% including adding 3 new faculty positions.

  • Developed an innovative school model centered around heavy outdoor education, arts, experiential science and mindful engagement that was awarded the 2015 Best of distinction by the Nisqually Valley News.

Tacoma Farmer's Markets, Tacoma WA

The Tacoma Farmers Market organization had been running a very successful downtown market for almost 20 years. Board members and staff knew that other areas of Tacoma needed access to fresh, local food but had struggled to establish another viable market outside of downtown. An in-depth financial analysis revealed significant expense savings opportunities, which, when applied, freed up cash-flow to perform a site analysis and expanded their marketing budget. 

Through strategic initiatives to flesh out the board, restructure the organization, establish corporate sponsorships, and develop strong partnerships with the City of Tacoma and Metro Parks; and a first time grant campaign to engage consistent funders and increase raised revenue; TFM went on to open up a second successful market in the 6th Avenue Neighborhood followed by a third market in the South Tacoma Neighborhood. All three markets are active, making a strong impact in the Pierce County local food movement, and serving as examples for other markets today. During the 3 years of ACRBC's partnership with the Markets, we served as an Executive Stuntman, Team Profit and provided On Target Project Management.

What we accomplished together

  • Financial analysis revealed expense inefficiencies resulting in almost $20,000 in savings in year 1.

  • Designed a business plan to achieve market expansion over 36 months and used it as the basis for recruiting strong board members to support capacity building efforts.

  • Launched a first-time Grants Campaign, and served as grant researchers and writers; together we were successful in bringing in over $70,000 in community and private foundation and County support.

  • Secured a $60,000 partnership with the City of Tacoma to support strategic market expansions. Presented at City Council meetings and meetings with the Mayor and Council members.

  • Leveraged expanded market reach to attract multi-year sponsorships from Multi-Care and Commencement Bank.