Finance begins where accounting ends.
— M.Y. Khan from Financial Management

Many business owners believe that a bookkeeper is the only financial professional they need. Sure, your bookkeeper may take some items off your plate. He or share probably enters receipts, reconciles income and expenses and possibly generates payroll and reports. You may even have a CPA for tax guidance. But who is analyzing and interpreting your financial reports? What expert is helping you grow strategically and taking measures to ensure you're on solid financial ground?

Having a bookkeeper and that financial data is great. But there's so much that can and should be done with that data. Just ask Mr. Khan.

ACRBC picks up where accounting leaves off, to provide strategic finance and profit management that can pair with your accounting service or work in tandem with one of our preferred firms. We take that information that you're entering and tracking, and we put it to work for you.

So sit down with us, tell us what your ideal business looks like, and we'll show you how we'll achieve at least a 110% annualized return on your investment in our services. To be more succinct:

When you hire us you, don't expect us to cost you money. Expect to make it.


Services provided by your Profit Management Dream Team include:


Financial Reports, Dashboard Insights & Budget Creation

With access to your company financials we will provide and interpret:

  • Balance Sheets / Cash flow Statements / Profit and Loss statements based on your business needs

  • Key income and expense metrics

  • Weekly / Monthly / Annual Sales and Expense Trend reports

  • Historical financial statements to forecast annual budgets for your business


Strategy Meetings

ACRBC will meet to discuss progress updates, successes and challenges with you. During these meetings we will also brainstorm and explore new ideas and share strategies to develop your business the way you want to. These are important and energizing meetings!


CFO level strategy, planning, and delivery


Hiring ACRBC to manage your finances provides you with a minimum of 10 hours monthly of high level financial oversight and expertise to manage strategic decisions including:

  • Analysis of sales and expenses and ideas for increasing revenue, reducing costs, and giving you time to focus on your strengths.

  • Financial projections and cost-benefit analysis of areas such as product or service roll-out, equipment purchase v. leasing, etc.

  • Strategies for accounts receivable and payable

  • Building and equipment lease negotiations

  • Risk management strategies

  • Design solutions to optimize cash flow, including securing financing for inventory, equipment, working capital, and real estate

  • Historical financial analysis to be used for strategic future business/budget planning


Customized plans and pricing – You don't pay for any service you don't need and services can be added at anytime.                  

Bank your time – Any unused monthly CFO time is banked for future use within your tax year.

Confidentiality assured – We work confidentially with many business owners and will sign a non-disclosure agreement to only share your financial information with approved parties.

Flexible payment options – We have been known to get extremely creative with our contracts. Please ask the question even if you think you already know the answer.

For a complete list of relevant services, choose your own adventure: